My name is Meghan and I am living the dream.

"Don’t let the mixed signals fool you. Indecision is a decision."

Friendship love
felt like a giant
“souls touching”
smack in the face
as I revealed
my fears
and heard
“me too.”

2. Schoolgirl,
youthful love
felt like a permanent
blush and nervous
fingers. Our hearts
were not scarred,
not yet harmed,
not yet afraid of
being held.

3. Desirous love
felt like teary journal
entries, steamed windows,
and taking off my clothes
in an attempt to take off
their defenses. I felt
haunted before they even left.

4. Altruistic love
felt so romantic
because “I’ll fix you
if you fix me’
seemed like a
greater declaration
of love than “I love you”
could ever be.
But in trying to
cut myself open
to make them feel
I ended up
bleeding out
everything I loved about

5. Self-love feels
like forgiveness,
acceptance, and my face
aching from smiling. It feels
like moving forward.

- Sorts of Love | Lora Mathis (via fauxlieadeux)

(Source: lora-mathis, via tylerthelatteboy)